Compass Homeschool Program offers homeschool families in northern Virginia and the metro DC area a menu of high quality core, elective, enrichment and extracurricular classes. All classes are taught by qualified outside instructors who are subject matter experts and teach multiple levels of interesting, experiential classes in science, technology, math, English, languages, history, communication, art, acting, music, and more. Classes are taught in Oakton in a 4-quarter, 30-week academic year. Classes for kids in PK – 8th grade meet on Wednesday, while some 7th – 12th grade classes meet on Friday only, or Wednesday and Friday. All classes are offered a la carte so homeschool families can mix and match for multiple siblings and try a topic without locking into a year-long commitment. Classes for preK – 8th grade run on 7- or 8- week quarter system, while high school classes are semester-long or year-long. Compass classes give students a taste of group learning in a classroom on a campus setting with like-minded homeschooled peers. Compass families also enjoy a warm, welcoming community that enjoys special activities, events, and academic clubs/contests in addition to regularly scheduled classes. Compass classes are organized by homeschool parents for other homeschool families. Compass Homeschool Program is a secular, inclusive program.
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I want area homeschool families to have abundant, innovative classes to choose from and a vibrant, welcoming community here at Compass!
- Jenny Grove-Bradshaw

What People Are Saying

  • “I have been at Compass for five quarters. I loved all the classes so much I didn’t want them to end! I am so lucky that I was able to attend all the amazing classes I did.” - R.R. (6th grade student)    
  • The class and people we’ve met thru Compass have made our 1st year of homeschool something truly special! My kids have opened up and rediscovered their passions for learning! - L.C. (parent)    
  • Thank you so much for all of your hard work in providing quality classes for our children! Homeschooling has been a blast because of Compass. - P.K. (parent)    
  • Compass Classes have been god-sent for us. My children have blossomed, nurtured their curiosity, broadened their horizons. - Z.C. (parent)    

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