Summer Spotlight: Chess Classes at Compass

Enter the miniature world of a tabletop battlefield where bishops and knights hold court, a queen yields the most power, and a lowly pawn can ambush a king. Learn the game of chess at Compass this fall! Kids can build key life skills by learning the game of chess: Memory Concentration Logical Reasoning Strategy Creative Thinking ... More

Order 2018-19 Student Magazine Subscriptions through Compass Today!

It is time to order your student magazines for the upcoming school year! Compass coordinates group subscriptions of NatGeo Explorer, Time for Kids, or New York Times Upfront student magazines. Multiple editions are available in each title to accommodate different reading levels. Kids loving getting their magazine "mail" at Compass! Order ... More

Compass High School Mock Trial Team

Compass has a high school Mock Trial team! Last year, the team participated in Virginia High School Mock Trial Competition in Williamsburg where three members received awards for individual performances, and the new team placed 4th in the state. Mock Trial provides students with an “authentic project-based courtroom experience” with ... More

NEW! AP (Advanced Placement) Classes at Compass 2018-19

Compass jumped through the hoops, battled the bureaucracy, and succeeded in being the first homeschool program in Virginia to be treated as a school by the AP (Advanced Placement) program of the College Board! AP classes offered through Compass are officially recognized by the College Board and listed in their register of approved programs! ... More

Summer Spotlight! Veterinary Science: Medical Mysteries, Emergency!

Can you help? What could be wrong with… Teuer, an 8-week-old Rottweiler pup that was brought in on Christmas Eve for loss of appetite and vomiting. Pascal, a Cocker Spaniel with a red, painful eye. Portia, a 9-month-old Yorkie with seizures. Discover the science (and art) of small animal medicine! Find out how vets- and even ... More

Summer Spotlight: Physical Anthropology

Identifying a victim from Pompeii. A Viking grave found in Italy. Remains of an early Jamestown leader confirmed. Every week, there is news that mysteries of the past that have been unlocked through the science of Physical Anthropology. Now, homeschooled teens can study this exciting, multidisciplinary field at Compass. ... More

Summer Spotlight: Spanish I

Trying to learn a foreign language for high school? You can't talk to your online Spanish computer program, textbook, or app! You need real people to practice speaking and interacting with! Spanish I is a conversation-focused, full-year beginner level high school Spanish course at Compass. Students will cover a full year of Spanish ... More

Teens Need More Screen Time!

Teens need more screen time? Yes, if your teen is coding! Teens who learn to code can break down a problem into smaller components and with the right skills, can single-handedly build creative, innovative technologies. If your teen is a musician, mathematician, poet, artist, or a linguist, enroll them in the in-person, hands-on AP Computer ... More

Summer Spotlight: Homeschool String Orchestra

Does your child play violin, viola, cello, or bass? Musicians are needed for the Compass Homeschool String Orchestra! Beginning and intermediate string musicians will develop ensemble skills and enjoy the experience of practicing, playing, and performing as a group! Orchestral repertoires are specially arranged to accommodate ... More

Summer Spotlight: NEW Bio-Chem Lab Program

There is some science you just can’t do at home! If you don’t have a spectrometer or spring scales in your kitchen, you may need to do homeschool science somewhere else! Compass has organized a unique opportunity for students to conduct biology, chemistry, and environmental science experiments in a university laboratory setting! ... More